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Membrane Filter Cartridge

Van Borsellen offers a wide range of Membrane filter cartridges.

The Van Borselen Membrane Filter cartridges has been developed and manufactured for the filtration of liquids within Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and other Critical applications. 

Typical Applications:                                                  
  • Biopharmaceuticals                                             
  • Fermentation
  • Ophthalmic solutions
  • APIs
  • LVPs
  • Beverages 
  • Pure water supply

BorsoPes Aqua

The BorsoPES-Aqua is a PES (polyethersulphone) membrane filter candle. The BorsoPes-Aqua Membrane Filter Cartridge is available in micronages 0.04 micron, 0.1 micron, 0.2 micron. It is designed for applications such as the removal of micro-organisms or ultra-fine particles. This is a perfect filter cartridge for water filtration.


BorsoPes Biological

Single Layer Polyethersulphone Membrane Cartridge Filters.

borsopes biological

BorsoPes Biological+

Double Layer Polyethersulphone Membrane Cartridge Filters.



Double Layer Polyethersulphone Membrane Cartridge Filters for Wine and Beer Filtration.


Nylon 6.6 Membrane Cartridge Filters. BorsoPes Biological+ membrane cartridges are 100% integrity tested during manufacture by the forward flow diffusion test method.



BorsoPTFE cartridges are manufactured using a highly hydrophobic ePTFE membrane. Available in 0.2 micron.

borsotef (full ptfe) borsoptfe+ pdf borsoptfe
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