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Compressed Air Filter Cartridges

Van Borselen offers a wide range of products for the filtration of compressed air.

These filters exhibit a range of different properties and are used within many industrial processes for the removal of particulates from compressed gas and air stream.  


The Van Borselen Filters BorsoAir-B Filter element is a wound depth filtercartridges, With a stainless-steel inner and outer guard. Cosisiting a 3 layer Borosilicate depth media.


The BorsoAir-AC absolute-rated activated carbon filter cartridges are designed for removal of oil vapour and other hydrocarbons.


The BorsoAir-VY polyethylene pre-filter are designed to retain particles from compressed air and gas streams. The BorsoAir-VY filtercartridges can retain contaminants down to 25┬Ám.


BorsoAir-IA Filter cartridges are high performance industrial air filters, designed to remove water and oil aerosols as well as particulates from compressed air and gas streams.


BorsoAir-UF are high performance depth filters, designed to remove water and oil aerosoles as well as particulates from compress air and gas streams.

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