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High Flow Filter Cartridges

BorsoPleat-HF Filter cartridges are designed for applications requiring a very high flow rate. These High Flow Filtercartridges are equally suitable for use as pre-filterscartridge or final polishing in application. 
The use of a spacer mesh as an upstream pleat support means that fluid flow is uniform across the entire surface of the filter medium. The mesh holds the flow channels open thereby maximising dirt holding capacity and minimising pressure drops across the filters. 

The BorsoPleat-HF High flow filter cartridges are available in the following materials: 

Filter Media available in: Fiber glass, Polyester, Cellulose and Stainless steel.
Core Media available in:  Fiber glass, Polyester, Cellulose and Stainless steel.


The BorsoPleat-HF cartridges are based on a robust construction made from 100% polypropylene, offering removal ratings from 0.5 to 100 micron absolute, rated 99,98%.


BorsoPleat-Max 740 serie

The Borso-Max Super Pleat Filter Cartridges provide the highest dirt loadings available in the market. The secret is the unique depth technology. Due to the ingenious design these filters have exceptionally high dort loading capacities leading to: Minimal filtration costs, maximum filter life, Minimum wast and Low operator exposure and handling. 

Up to 10kgs or more dirt capacity per cartridge! 

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