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BorsoCap-Nylo Capsule Filter

The BorsoCap-Nylo is a Capsule filter made of Nylon 6.6  absolute rated membrane. The Van Borselen Capsule Filters are available in a wide variety of conncetions and micron ratings.

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Features and Benefits

Manufactured in a clean-room environment
Absolute microbial removal rated and validated membranes
Fully disposable capsule
Minimal filter extractable


Materials of Manufacture​  
Filter Housing Polypropylene
Filtration media Nylon 6.6 membrane
Media Support Polypropylene
End Caps Polypropylene
Inner core Polypropylene
Outer Support Polypropylene
Capsule Length: Surface:
2'' 0.093m2
5'' 0.279m2
10'' 0.650m2
20'' 1.301m2
30'' 1.951m2
Micron (single layer) 0.10µm, 0.22µm, 0.45µm, 0.65µm.
Adapters Inlet  Adapters Outlet
1/4'' Female NPT 1/4'' Female NPT
1/4'' Male NPT 1/4 Male NPT
3/8'' Female NPT 3/8'' Female NPT
1/2'' Female NPT 1/2'' Female NPT
1/2'' Male NPT 1/2'' Male NPT
1''-1.5'' Sanitary 1''-1.5'' Sanitary
Hose Barb Hose Barb
Capsule Parameters:  
Max. Pressure (liquid) 5.5 bar at 20ºc
Max. Pressure (gases) 4.1 bar at 20ºc
Operating Temp. 43ºc at 2.1 bar
Forward differential Pressure 3.4 bar at 20ºc
Reverse differential Pressure 2.7 bar at 20ºc
Recommended Changeout pressure 2.4 bar
Autoclave:  121ºc, 30 minutes.
Chemical Sanitization Hydrogen, paracetic acid, sodium, hypochlorite (industrial standard concentations)
Additional information  
  All BorsoCap-Glass capsule filters approved according to:

FDA 21 CFR 177
USP class VI 

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