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BorsoAir-UF are high performance depth filters, designed to remove water and oil aerosoles as well as particulates from compress air and gas streams.

Thanks to the unique combination of binder-free, nonwoven ultra fibre filter media and pleating technologu, these high preformance filters can achieve a 70% reduction in energy cost with improved filtration, when compared with coventional element. The ultra fibre material is nuturally oleophobic. Oil and water are actively rejected, minimising pressure drop and operating cost.  

Features and Benefits

  • Binder free, thermally welded ultra filter media
  • Oleophobic filter media
  • Pleated media filter
  • Stainless steel inner and outer core
  • 70% less energy costs


Materials of Manufacture​  
Filter media Binder-free ultra fibres of Borosilicate
Support Stainless steel
Inner core Stainless steel
Outer core Stainless steel
End caps Aluminium
Pre-and after filter media Pleated Cerex
Outer Foam sock Blue Polyurethane foam sock up to 80°c
  HT/CR sock up to 120°c
  HT/NX sock up to 180°c
O-rings Perbunan® (silicone free and free from parting compounds)
Bonding materials Polyurethane
Start up differential pressure:  
BorsoAir-UFF 0.04bar
BorsoAir-UFM 0.08bar
BorsoAir-UFS 0.09bar
Maximum differential pressure 5 bar at 20°c, independent from operating pressure
Retention rate at a particle size of 0.01µm  
BorsoAir-UFF 99.999%
BorsoAir-UFM 99.99998%
BorsoAir-UFS 99.99999%

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