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The BorsoAir-AC absolute-rated activated carbon filter cartridges are designed for removal of oil vapour and other hydrocarbons.

These filter elements cosist of a two-stage filtration process. all particles are reatined within the nanofibre depth media, while the activated carbon adsorbs all oil vapour and gaseous hydrocarbons. The filter can achieve residual oil content of <0.003mg/m³ with appropriate pre-filtration. 

Features and Benefits

  • High load of activated cabon
  • Flow distribution at the air inlet
  • Embedded activated carbon
  • Depth filter stage of binder-free woven nano fibres


Materials of Manufacture​  
Filter membranes Borosilicate nanofibres
Membrane Support Polyamide
Adsorption stage Ground activated carbon embedded in PUR foam
Inner core Stainless steel
Outer core Stainless steel
End caps Stainless steel
O-rings Silicone, Buna N, Epdm, Viton
Bonding materials Polyurethane

Adsorption efficiency

Ethane Slight                 
Toluene Very good
Acetic acid Very good
Acetone Good
Methanol Good
Isopropyl ether Very good
Methyl acetate Good
Sulphuric acid Very good
Hydrogen Sulfide Poor
Chlorine Good
Freon Poor
Ammonia Poor
Citrus Fruits Very good
Perfumes Very good


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