BorsoAir-High preformance

Hoogwaardige perslucht dieptefilters voor het verwijderen van water- en olie-aerosolen uit perslucht en gassen.

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BorsoAir-High preformance

High performance compressed air depth filters for the removal of water and oil aerosols from compressed air and gases. Thanks to the unique combination of binder-free filter media made of non-woven fibers and folding technology, a 70% reduction in energy costs is achieved, as well as improved filter performance. The new fiber material is oil-repellent, meaning that oil and water are actively repelled, minimizing the pressure differential and therefore operating costs compared to a conventional filter element. These High Performance compressed air filters from Van Borselen Filters offer an efficiency of 99.999998%. 


  • Improved filter performance
  • 70% lower energy costs
  • Low pressure differential
  • Larger dirt holding capacity

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